Our Kansas Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Plans Protect Your System and Ensure Peace of Mind!

Kansas City Tree LightingWhat a sweet treat to never have to worry about your outdoor landscape lighting! Just like any other major home appliance such as your air conditioning unit, refrigerator or garage door opener—your outdoor lighting is a workhorse that has to be functional every single evening. The way to ensure its longevity is with routine annual maintenance to keep it working properly for years to come. The same way you head to the doctor for an annual physical to make sure your health is A-OK, your outdoor lighting should receive the same care to keep it in smooth working order.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has one of the best Annual Maintenance Plans in the industry. Our program is so awesome that we don’t even mind spreading the love and covering our competitor’s systems as well!  It doesn’t matter if we installed it or another contractor did—we’ve got you covered just the same! Of course, every new system we install comes automatically with a one year FREE maintenance and repair plan that covers all the bases, such as:

  • Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City MaintenanceReplace all halogen bulbs (Though we recommend converting to LED’s since they last much longer)
  • Repair any damaged wire
  • Rebury any wiring that has surfaced
  • Straighten fixtures that may have been bumped
  • Inspect your transformer
  • Reset /check your timer
  • Trim for plant overgrowth that may be obstructing the light beam
  • Perform simple changes to enhance the effects of your lighting

Kansas City Landscape Lighting - CopyAdditionally, if you have any issues throughout the year, you get bumped to the top of the call list with priority response and service call repairs at no extra charge. We make sure your landscape lighting system remains free of any worries and operates as expected. And after the year is over, you can simply sign up for an additional year of maintenance and repair service again so you are always protected and never have to worry. Easy!

Kansas City Outdoor Lighting on Contemporary Home

Don’t wait until spring to get on our maintenance list—call us now before the warm weather hits so we can check everything so that it’s ready in time for backyard fun. This is the perfect time of year to inspect everything and give your illumination system a good review so that you extend its life and can avoid costly replacements later.  We can also convert your old halogen fixtures to wallet friendly LED’s, extend your existing system or change your lighting scheme so that it has a whole new vibe and look.

John-Bruce-OwnerCall Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today to get more details on our Annual Maintenance Plan and to get one of our technicians out to your property to inspect your landscape lighting system now! You can reach us at (913) 859-9150 or via email at kansascity.outdoorlights.com.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City on Houzz

Featured on HouzzThe internet is loaded with websites, forums and hubs to gain new ideas and inspiration for planning your home improvement or outdoor living project. One of the most admired and frequented of these cyber-space entities is Houzz.

Houzz is a platform for home remodeling and design, that is bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City we realize when homeowners are in the market for any kind of remodel or addition to their home, they do a lot of research, look at hundreds of photos and reviews, and get quotes from several professional companies. Adding an elegant outdoor lighting system is no different. That’s why we are thrilled to be part of the largest go-to site for remodeling and design ideas and imagery powerhouse, Houzz.

Houzz page for OLP Kansas City

Our Houzz profile.

What better way to let our potential clients see our custom outdoor lighting designs and installations first hand? Even though every project we design is created specifically for our clients’ home, landscaping or outdoor living space, our photos can spark ideas on how we can make your home, landscape and outdoor living spaces come alive in the evening.

Landscape lighting gallery on Houzz

A peek at our landscape lighting gallery featured on Houzz.

Houzz is easily accessible from any computer, smart phone or tablet. Stroll to our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City Houzz page. There you can find and save photos from some of our recent landscape lighting installations, tree lighting projects, deck and patio lighting jobs, as well as entrance, backyard and architectural lighting designs. Save the photos you like to your Idea book. They can help us put together the most beautiful outdoor lighting design for your space, giving you exactly what you want.

We are extremely excited to be able to share many of our outdoor lighting designs with you. If you’re in the market for an outdoor lighting system, or are considering adding onto your current outdoor lighting system, give us a call at (913) 859-9150 or send us an email at olpkansascity@outdoorlights.com.


Does your Kansas City outdoor lighting need a facelift?

Path lights can be used in a variety of areas to create the mood and tone justOlder neighborhoods with homes of 20+ years of age are often filled with a plethora of antiquated and worn outdoor lighting fixtures and systems that can make the outside of any home lose curb appeal and appear to be not maintained. Inferior fixtures made of cast aluminum or plastic corrode and degrade over time and look ragged and bring the “face” value of your property down. Even worse, old line voltage halogen fixtures use a lot of energy which is not wallet friendly either.

Aged cast aluminum fixtures showing signs of corrosion,

Aged cast aluminum fixtures showing signs of corrosion.

If you find your outdoor lighting is in a similar condition as those noted above, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has two options for you–we can update your existing fixtures if they are in applicable condition by converting them to newer LED technology so they are low consumption, OR, we can revamp your entire existing system with our high-quality American made brass and copper fixtures that will give your home an entirely different look and look great for years. Unlike cast aluminum or plastic, they won’t rust, bubble or fade over time and will have a fresh look and feel with low consumption wattage.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City Maintenance

We can upgrade your system to super-efficient LED’s with our high-quality fixures.

The lighting systems of today and those of twenty years ago are not comparable. Technology has improved dramatically and instead of annoying change-outs of halogen bulbs every season, LED’s last 50,000+ hours without a hitch. And our LED’s are made different from our competitors because if one of their LED fixtures fails, you would have to throw it out entirely and get a new one. Our LED fixtures are manufactured to our specification so we can simply replace the LED itself that has gone out. That’s a big money saver right there!

Leawood KS Focal Point LightingTimers are far more sophisticated these days too, as they will automatically update for daylight savings time and compensate for shorter and longer hours so you don’t even have to think about it. Today’s timers are so cutting edge that they can even control multiple zones to make it look like someone is always home—and you can manage the entire system conveniently from a smart phone or computer. So even if you are on vacation or traveling for business, you can make sure your outdoor lighting is doing what it should.

The lighting ability of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City’s fixtures is far superior to old ones from decades ago. We can control the distance and width of the beam of light so that we can give you the ambiance and effect you desire. We can mount lights in your gutters to cast a wash of illumination down the façade of your home, and cast light way up into the canopy of your trees with ease. We offer task lighting for your outdoor kitchen, overhead lighting across large expanses such as a big patio or deck or focal point lighting to showcase a water feature or favorite piece of outdoor sculpture in your garden. You don’t have to settle on white light either; we’ve got several color options available that can be used with interesting effect or solely for special occasions.

Leawood, KS outdoor lighting

Welcome home to high-quality, beautiful and dependable Kansas City outdoor lighting!

John-Bruce-OwnerIs your outdoor lighting in need of a facelift? Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today to learn how we can your with a system upgrade or whole new system to meet your budget and expectations. You can reach us at (913) 859-9150 or via email at kansascity.outdoorlights.com.


Kansas City Church Lighting

Church Lighting in Kansas CityOne of out recent outdoor lighting projects consists of completion of phase one of a multi-phased upgrade, design and installation at The Evangelistic Center International Ministries of Kansas City.

This project in whole, is to consist of 3-5 phases. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City installed bollard lighting along the walkways and paths within the church grounds to complete phase one. This phase was a crucial element in making the grounds safer and more easy to navigate for visitors and members. Path lighting also enhances the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape. This church is over 120 years old and the completed design will honor the history and architecture of this historic Kansas City church.

Enhancing our local churches through outdoor lighting sends a strong message of presence to the community. When our places of worship reflect outwardly the warmth that is felt within their doors, they become a natural draw to existing church members and visitors alike. By focusing on the beauty of the building’s structure and accompanying landscape, and making navigation on the grounds safer, we become architects in an overarching sense of harmony and place.

Kansas City Church Lighting

Closeup look at the newly installed bollard path lighting.

Creating a welcoming entrance is paramount in outdoor church lighting. Many times, it is the first thing that visitors will see in the evening, makes a lasting first impression at a glance. A darkened church entrance is very intimidating. Conversely, an entrance that is too bright is also intimidating, for one should not have to squint to open the doors and come in. With a well thought out design, key features, like impressive arches, steeples and masonry details, are illuminated to enhance the majesty of the building itself. Above all, you want your entrance easily accessible and radiating a sense of warmth, welcome and hospitality.

Kansas City Church LightingFrom a practical standpoint, church signage should be a critical element within your outdoor lighting considerations too. Church members, visitors and the community at large need to be able to easily read your name, service times, and, if applicable, other pertinent information. Many churches have multiple, directional or instructional signs throughout the property. These are best brought to light with feature (focal point) up lighting. If your signage is under two feet in height, path or garden lighting can be used to softly guide guests down the right path.

Proper church lighting in Kansas City and within Johnson County, KS, will ensure that the entire structure is surrounded in light. Through the use periphery lighting, path lighting and architectural lighting, church members can come and go at through multiple entrances, with no hassle or confusion. By illuminating all sides of the building, it is easier for visitors to find your location, which adds to your facilities overall sense of welcome.

John-Bruce-OwnerIf you would like to learn more about improving an existing outdoor lighting system at your church or place of worship, or need a professional church outdoor lighting design, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City to learn more today! You can reach us at (913) 859-9150 or via email at kansascity.outdoorlights.com.

We service Johnson County KS, including Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Mission Hills and Olathe as well as the surrounding areas.

Planning on selling your home? Bring your home’s best features to “light” with Kansas City outdoor lighting!

Homes with outdoor lighting gain more attention come time to sellTypically homeowner’s choose to list a home for sale during season which extends May through Augusts, which is considered the height of the real estate selling market.However, life is unscripted and sometimes it is necessary for homeowner’s to list their homes during the holidays. If you are selling your Kansas City home during the holidays, you’ve got to make sure you make a real splash during the evening hours since most buyers will be coming to view your property after work and daylight hours are shorter now. There is no better way to make an impact to potential buyers than by showcasing your home in its best possible light through outdoor lighting.

Selling your home during the fall and winter months can actually be a plus! For one, there are fewer houses for sale during the holidays, so your competition is greatly reduced. You also have more people frequenting your neighborhood while coming to and from holiday celebrations, so be sure your house looks well-lit and inviting to attract the attention of potential buyers. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can even light your “For Sale” sign so that buyers can clearly see and read it at night! If your home looks inviting in the evening, there is a good likelihood that a buyer will want to come back to view it during daylight hours.

architectural outdoor lighting Kansas City

If your home is listed for sale during the holidays, take advantage and make sure that it’s clearly visible from the road as buyers take just minutes to decide whether or not they want to go into your home to see it right from the driveway. Most prospective buyers will be coming after work to see your home and property, and during the holiday season the evenings come early with commuting happening in the darkest hours. Make sure your potential buyers have plenty of visibility and can see all around your home clearly and can see the perimeter of your property with ease. If you’ve got a patio, deck or water feature—you want to make sure it stands out — keep in mind that homes with outdoor lighting also fetch more at closing time than those without!


Beautiful Kansas City outdoor lighting begins with us!

According to a recent article published by Homelogic through the National Association of Realtors® outdoor lighting  is named as one of the essential curb appeal elements that double down on investment and enjoyment. “Outdoor lighting consistently tops the NAHB’s list of most wanted outdoor features in its annual “What Home Buyers Really Want” survey: 41% rate it “essential;” 49% say it’s “desirable.” The article also goes onto point out the prime factors that make outdoor lighting a plus for prospective home buyers:

  • Tasteful lighting paints your home at night, highlighting your other great landscaping choices and directing guests to your home’s focal point — the front door. 
  • It protects against slips and falls.
  • It makes a property a more difficult target for intruders. That added security can reduce burglaries, and therefore claims. Some insurance companies give 5% to 15% discounts to homeowners with reduced or zero claims.
  • It makes your home feel homier. Soft lighting on a wrap-around porch or just a front stoop feels warm and inviting

Kansas City pool area lighting

Just like staging the inside of your home, outdoor lighting stages the outside of your home in the evening. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can do this for you to help draw attention to your home while it’s on the market. We can work within your budget and give you a system that ensures your home has plenty of glitz and glamour and has an alluring feel that makes potential buyers want to make an appointment to view your property. When they do, you want to be ready to dazzle them so they can see every corner of your yard, the pool, the pathways and everything else your home has to offer.

Kansas City pathway lighting

You also want buyers to be able to clearly navigate around the exterior of your property easily so that they can look at all the aspects of the yard after nightfall. If your home looks fabulous in the evening hours, then they will be excited about what it looks like during the day. If you are not home to meet your potential buyers, we will have your outdoor lighting on a timer so that it automatically goes on at dusk whether you are home or not. Every aspect of your home will be visible from the street such as your roofline, eves and all the corners. Outdoor lighting makes your home look larger at night too, so maximize on the perception of size. We will show off your front entry and add sparkle to a porch if you have one. We will play up the windows and the foliage all around your property. Even if your trees are leafless, we can elegantly show off the trunk and limbs in an ethereal manner that will beckon a buyer to look.

John-Bruce-OwnerIf you are selling looking to sell your home and you want an edge over the competition contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today to learn how we can illuminate the exterior of your home or property to bring you a potential sale! You can reach us at (913) 859-9150 or via email at kansascity.outdoorlights.com.